Attracting more digital nomads

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Greece can be a strong candidate to be an ideal destination for many so-called “digital nomads” if its infrastructures are satisfactory, says John Roese, chief technology officer at Dell Technologies.

Speaking to Kathimerini about Greece’s prospects in that respect, he stated that “I can easily think of myself working from an island in Greece. This is a very beautiful country. As an employer I am also interested in the talent and not the country a worker is based in,” adding that “it is important for the country to have network infrastructures and a broader ecosystem of technology that allows remote working.”

Greece has already started attracting foreigners who are able to work online for their employers in other countries while living here.

The Dell CTO took note of the introduction of the fifth-generation (5G) mobile technology in Greece and the creation by Microsoft of a regional data center in the country, stressing that infrastructures have to be developed and be accessible and reliable. He added that besides data centers, Greece must develop edge computing, needed for the support of mobile computing and the Internet of Things.

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