Average monthly wages up in September 2019

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Average montly wages and day pay rose in September 2019 compared with the same month in 2018, to 1,142.69 euros (up 3.99 pct)  and to 50.09 euros (up 3.55 pct), respectively, while average monthly wage and day pay for part-time workers was 403.86 euros and 24.85 euros, respectively, official figures showed on Monday.
The figures showed that the number of insured workers totaled 2,452,032 in September 2019, of which 2,412,064 in common enterprises and 39,968 in construction companies. Males accounted for 53.44 pct of all insured workers (56.05 pct for full-time jobs and 45.53 pct for part-time jobs). A 23.11 pct of insured workers had an age of up to 29 years and a 50.66 pct up to 39 years. An 88.16 pct of insured workers were Greek citizens, another 2.11 pct other EU citizens and 9.72 pct citizens from third countries.
Office clerks accounted for 20.77 pct of total workers in common enterprises. The number of insured workers in common enterprises grew 7.76 pct in September 2019 compared with September 2018, while in the construction sector it grew by 9.68 pct and in all enterprises it was 7.79 pct up. Full-time insured workers grew 9.28 pct, while in part-time jobs fell by 4.96 pct.

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