Balkan Services successfully completed the integration of RFID wireless network with the ERP system at Cablecommerce

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Bulgarian consulting company Balkan Services successfully completed a pilot project for integration of wireless network using the RFID standard (Radio-frequency Identification) with Atlantis ERP business software at Cablecommerce enterprise. The project is extremely innovative and allows all information about the products entering and leaving the warehouses of the company in Sofia and Burgas to be available in real time in the ERP system. The integration is implemented within the two year European project RFID-ROI-SME, financed by the EU ICT Policy Support Programme. It aims to support the entering of RFID technologies in the small and middle enterprises of the Old Continent. Leading partner from Bulgarian side is Bulgarian Association of Software Companies BASSCOM. The successful participation of Bulgarian companies in the European project RFID-ROI-SME in practice positions our country at the map of an extremely innovative technological area – the entering of wireless identification of people and subjects for corporate and public purposes.

Within the pilot project the installation of a system of RFID devices was carried out in two of the warehouses of Cablecommerce, later it was integrated by a team of Balkan Services with the existing Atlantis ERP system. As a result, the mobile interface used by RFID readers, exchanges information in real time. All information is immediately visible in the ERP system. The pilot project resolves a number of problems related to logistics, management of inventories, documentation, and more efficient management of human resources in the enterprise.

“Completing this project we have two purposes – to make the information management better and to improve the logistics at Cablecommerce. Aiming that the RFID solution was fully integrated with the company operated ERP. It optimizes the existing processes and reduces the possibility of making mistakes but also gives a chance for new opportunities to improve the effectiveness of the enterprise.  As a business software company we gain a lot from this project and from the European funding because our team received a valuable know-how, which we are going to use in our future projects. The project is a very good example of the way innovative technologies could be used for resolving long-standing problems in the enterprises.” – explains Philip Mutafis, managing partner of Balkan Services.

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