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We have the pleasure to invite You to the international conference ‘The Future of Space Travel Summit on the 17th of March 2011.  The show starts at 16:00 hrs at the National Opera in Sofia, Bulgaria and as you already know it will be hosted by NASA’s top astronaut Dr. Story Musgrave.

We are delighted to present our latest initiative that helps to promote family values and gives You a unique chance to gather everyone in Your family to experience one of the most exciting events for 2011. The FAMILY TICKET allows for up to 4 family members to attend the conference for just 75 leva. We believe the event will help many people to acquire different perspective about life, earth and our place in the society. Just to give you an idea of how Dr. Story Musgrave has influenced the people who were at his presentations I will share the opinion of Dr. Jerry Galloway:

Today, we cannot meet Columbus, Edison, Newton or Socrates, great men of our past. Just the same, we cannot meet or speak with Flash Gordon, Han Solo, Will Robinson or even Captain Kirk. But, you now have a unique opportunity to meet all of these people and more in a real life hero, a rare genius that has changed the world for us all and made all of our lives richer and more rewarding. Dr. Story Musgrave might be known as the astronaut with the most missions, the longest service and the specialist who repaired and saved the Hubble Space Telescope. But, in public speaking, it is his many other identities and accomplishments that come together in concert and he shines as a true performance artist. It’s a special opportunity to meet a technician, master mechanic, electrician, programmer and mathematician. How many of us work a lifetime to achieve competency in one domain? With seven graduate degrees in business, literature, biophysics, medicine and more, he personifies contrast, diversity and integration. He is both a surgeon and a photographer; a jet pilot and a Disney Studios advisor. While he has more hours than any other human flying above the earth in a T-38 jet, his work on the ground provides a profound insight into the infinite beauty of mother earth. He is a landscaper and terraformer solely responsible for developing and producing the rare red palm tree. It may seem like a contradiction to find the scientist and astronaut working as a horticulturist and farmer. How Story integrates these personas is the real story. Do not miss any opportunity to hear how these contrasts are unified as he expands our minds, rallies our ambition, refines our appreciation of life and defines our place on earth and in the universe. (From Dr. Jerry Galloway)

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