Freezer for Covid-19 vaccines arrives at regional health inspectorate in Bulgaria’s Bourgas

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The first special freezer to hold Covid-19 vaccines was delivered to the regional health inspectorate in Bulgaria’s Black Sea coastal city of Bourgas on December 7.

The freezer has been in the city for some days, but an entrance to the regional health inspectorate had to be adapted to get it into the building, given the large dimensions of the two metre high freezer.

An independent room with controlled access had to be prepared urgently.

Capable of temperatures from minus 40 to minus 86 degrees Celsius, the freezer will store doses of vaccine for Bulgaria’s south-east region, which includes the districts of Bourgas, Yambol and Sliven.

The freezer can hold 175 500 vaccines, sufficient to cater for the three districts, the regional health inspectorate’s Dr Velichka Grigorova told local media.

It is not yet clear when the first vaccines will arrive. Grigorova said that in order for vaccines to be delivered, they must be approved by the EU’s European Medicines Agency.

Health Minister Kostadin Angelov said on December 2 that after the initial four freezers, two in Sofia and two in Bourgas, freezers would be supplied to all regional health inspectorates.

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