Globul Wins Corporate Owner Of Electric Car Award

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GLOBUL received the special Corporate Owner of Electric Car award in the 2014 Car of the Year contest, organized by Press Auto Club Bulgaria. The company was honoured as one of the first corporate owners of electric car in Bulgaria, which made a comprehensive analysis on the benefits of its use by the business. The award was handed to GLOBUL Corporate Affairs Director Yasssen Guev.
 ‘It’s an honor for us to receive such a distinction as it proves that our efforts are appreciated by the society. We invested in purchasing the electromobile Peugeot iOn as part of our long-term environmental strategy GLOBUL Green, aimed at preserving the environment and natural resources. We are proud to be among the first users of electromobiles in Bulgaria and we hope more Bulgarian companies will follow our example.’ – Yassen Guev commented at the award ceremony.
In March 2011 GLOBUL became one of the owners of the first officially registered electric vehicles in Bulgaria – Peugeot iOn. At present, the vehicle is used by the Human Resources and Administration department in the company’s headquarter in Sofia.
Peugeot iOn is 100% electric-powered automobile that combines maneuverability with exceptional comfort, providing high level of noise reduction and effectively no direct emissions. It also has all the passenger and driver characteristics of ordinary cars. The iOn offers a range of 150-km with a single recharge. The littium-ion battery recharges for 6 hours from a regular power grid socket and allows for fast recharge of up to 80% in 30 minutes with a special charging device.
The annual Car of the Year contest, part of the international Car of the Year Awards, was held in Bulgaria for a seventeenth consecutive time. The initiative is held by Press Auto Club Bulgaria, whose members are more than 49 Bulgarian journalists.

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