Greece making strides in green energy, says ministry official

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Greece has made significant progress on shifting to a greener energy model and supporting investments in renewable energy sources (RES) in recent years, and the country warmly welcomes the expansion of Sino-Greek cooperation in this field, Alexandra Sdoukou, secretary general for energy and mineral resources at the Greek Ministry of Environment and Energy, told Xinhua.

Greece is moving forward at a fast pace and is ahead of many larger European countries in terms of RES penetration in the energy mix, Sdoukou said.

The share of RES in the country’s final energy consumption was 20% in 2020, higher than the initial national target of 18% and aligned with the European Union target for 2020 of 20%.

“Greece is at the forefront among countries that face with determination the issues of climate change and promotion of RES,” she said.

“Overall, we have a strategic goal as a country for an energy model that is greener, cleaner, more efficient but also more competitive, which we want to implement through comprehensive energy policies based on the support of RES investments.”

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