Greek FinMin invites foreign investors to invest in Greece

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Greek Finance Minister Christos Staikouras on Thursday invited foreign investors to invest in Greece saying that the Greek economy showed remarkable resistance to the consequences of the pandemic and by fully exploiting EU funds will enter into a period of high and sustainable growth rates.

Addressing the London Roadshow, organized by Hellenic Exchanges Group, Staikouras said the Greek economy contracts less than the Eurozone average rate in the first half of 2020 and noted that the resistance shown by the economy was the result of the timely implementation of government measures to support the economy taking advantage of the existing fiscal flexibility.

He noted that fiscal and other measures, worth 24 billion euros or more, were taken to protect human lives, public health and to support households and enterprises. He reiterated that cash reverses totaled 37.8 billion euros, a sum expected to be raised further with the exploitation of existing European funding tools.

Staikouras also referred to the implementation of significant structural reforms in the country during the last six months and stressed that the government was not boasting over its achievements as it knows that national, social and economic challenges lie ahead.



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