Macron expresses solidarity with Greece, Cyprus, in Facebook post written in Greek

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French President Emmanuel Macron on Thursday expressed his solidarity with Greece and Cyprus in a message on social media written in Greek.

“Europe needs to take a thorough look at security issues in the Mediterranean. I will soon convene a conference of the countries of the European Union’s South,” he wrote on Facebook.

On regional geopolitics, the French president wrote: “In the Mediterranean, energy and security issues are of fundamental importance. They are turned into an object of controversy by forces which are increasingly emerging, and against which the EU still has minor sway. Europe must defend its sovereignty.”

Regarding Turkey’s provocative actions he wrote: “Let us not put security in the Mediterranean in the hands of others. Once again, I want to express France’s full solidarity to Cyprus and Greece in the face of Turkish violations of their sovereign rights. We must not accept any threat to the maritime space of an EU member state.”

He continued with a comment on the situation in Libya: “In Libya, we cannot allow other forces to violate the arms embargo. Operation Irini is one of Europe’s answers; it needs to be strengthened further.”

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