Nearly 300 Students Attend Globul Hour Lectures

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Nearly 300 students from the Technical University of Sofia attended the lectures and trainings from the GLOBUL Hour educational initiative during the 2013/2014 fall semester. 
Within the program, GLOBUL specialists gave a series of lectures, presenting the ways of management and maitainance of telecommunication systems and networks. During the classes, the young people had the chance to receive information on the current trends in the technology field and become familiar with the everyday work in this area. 
GLOBUL Hour is held for a sixth year in a row aiming to enrich the university knowledge of young people and guide them in their future career. The initiative targets mainly technical and IT students but every year the program expands its scope, including new specialties and themes. In 2013 alone, GLOBUL lectures were attended by over 500 students from leading Bulgaria’s universities.

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