Over 100 children get acquainted with the jobs at Postbank

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Over 100 children get acquainted with the jobs at Postbank as part of the Proud of My Parents’ Job initiative
Postbank joined for a consecutive year the social responsibility initiative of the Bulgarian Network of the UN Global Compact, called Proud of My Parents’ Work. The campaign is aimed at helping children in their future career development and shows them that labour and education are major values, while qualities and skills are at the core of the successful personal development.
Over 100 2nd-, 4th– and 5th-graders visited the bank’s main office as part of the initiative and learnt a lot about the work of various bank experts, the power of team work and how important good education is for career development. They got acquainted with the history of money, the main counterfeit protection methods used in Bulgarian lev and euro banknotes, and the most common popular terms, products and services. The children had an opportunity to join the “real working process” by visiting Postbank’s educational branch.
At the end of the visit, they said they would be happy to return to the bank and had learnt many new and interesting things about money, finance and jobs.

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