Postbank donated Christmas trees to 20 kindergartens in Sofia

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Postbank brought festive spirit to 20 kindergartens in Sofia by donating living potted trees under the Christmas Tree initiative. The number of the presented trees is connected with the 20 anniversary of the financial institution, officially celebrated this year. The donation was accomplished with the kind assistance of Sofia Municipality and Sofia Inspectorate. The trees were presented to kindergartens in the districts of Gotse Delchev, Ovcha Kupel, Krasna Polyana, Drujba, Nadejda, Suhata Reka and Central District. The Bank has branches in all these districts and their managers were personally involved in the noble Christmas act. In addition to delighting the children the initiative aims at offering a green alternative to cut-down and artificial Christmas trees.

The Christmas Tree initiative is part of the Bank’s overall green policy Green Start with Postbank focused on preservation of nature and reducing of resources consumption such as electricity, water and paper. As part of Eurobank EFG, Postbank considers environment preservation as one of its main priorities and strives for integrated implementation of best ecological practices. In this regard the financial institution undertakes the obligation to constantly observe, evaluate and optimize its ecological performance and to strictly follow all requirements of local, national and international legislation in the respective fields.

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