Postbank launches an innovative customer communication service

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The bank will use the new platform to optimize the communication with its clients by guaranteeing the best service quality

5 November 2020

Postbank has once again strengthened its position of an innovation leader in the sector by successfully implementing the most efficient and modern customer communication solution. The introduction of the Salesforce platform is a strategic step, which will enable the bank to optimize its relations with clients by reaching a new level service that guarantees maximum customer satisfaction. The move has turned Postbank into the first bank institution in South-eastern Europe with a high-tech solution of this class.

The platform uses AI to highly precisely analyse customers’ behaviour and expectations, thus making possible undertaking an individual approach in the communication with them. The system ensures that every customer will receive the information he really needs at the right moment by setting up the so-called “customer paths” clients “enter in”. Depending on the bank’s services and products they use, they start receiving personalized messages which guide them and remind them which are the next important steps in the communication with the bank.

“The platform provides a 360-degree view of our clients by giving us valuable knowledge about the products and services they use, their digital habits and preferences. Thus, we can predict and recognize their concrete needs and develop the best solutions by using the right channels to reach them. For instance, if a client applies for a mortgage loan, he will “enter” a “customer path” which will provide him with information about every stage of the deal and “guide” him through the entire process so that the client knows what he needs to do before and after the loan utilization. We believe this way our clients will receive not only the best possible customer service, but also important information which will help them manage their finances and plan their time more efficiently,” Postbank commented.

The system analyses clients’ personal preferences and automatically selects the communication channel they use most often in order to provide them with the useful and valuable information they need. This guarantees that every important message will reach them in time and will enable them to use as much as possible the bank’s products and services to their benefit.

The project has been finalized for a record-short time and over 20 consumer lending- and credit card-related “customer paths” are now “operating” in the platform. All Postbank products and services are to be incorporated in the system by end-2020. The successful implementation of the project is carried out by Next Consult, a leading consulting IT company and Salesforce’s partner in the region.

“The introduction of the platform is a really innovative solution which is proving that Postbank is implementing not only a digital transformation, but also a transformation of its consumer-oriented business model,” said Emil Vuchkov, Manager of the project and Consumer Experience and Marketing Automation Partner at Next Consult.


About Postbank:

Postbank, legally named Eurobank Bulgaria AD, is the fourth biggest bank in Bulgaria in terms of assets, having a broad branch network across the country and a considerable client base of individuals, companies and institutions. Postbank has nearly 30-year presence as one of the leaders in Bulgaria’s banking sector. The bank is a decisive factor in innovation, in shaping the country’s banking trends in recent years and award-winning for its innovation. Postbank occupies a strategic position in retail and wholesale banking in Bulgaria. The bank has built one of the most developed branch networks and modern alternative banking channels.

About Next Consult:

Next Consult is a leading multinational company in business consulting which makes its customers more successful through business and digital transformation. It helps over 250 companies achieve more from its competence centre in Bulgaria and offices in the USA, the UK, Switzerland and Romania. Next Consult is a partner of the world’s most innovative companies such as Salesforce, SAP, Japanese, Lean-based 20 Keys ®, Skillsoft, etc.

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