Postbank’s mobile ONE wallet is now available for everyone

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The institution is also enhancing its app with additional features to ensure an excellent customer experience

 30 November 2022


Postbank expands the range of users of its mobile wallet ONE wallet by making the application available to non-customers of the bank. ONE wallet is the modern answer to the dynamic needs of consumers today, providing them with a service focused on convenience, security, and excellent control for contactless card payments and money transfers via phone. Each user registered for the service is issued a free digital card to an e-money account, which they can use to make contactless payments at POS terminals, shop online, order money transfers, and take advantage of many more conveniences that ONE wallet provides to its users.

The app allows for quick, free transfers to other ONE wallet users, just by the recipient’s mobile number, with the added convenience of being able to search by name among the user’s phone contacts. Users can also make transfers in BGN to accounts at Postbank or other payment service providers in Bulgaria, to a specified IBAN. For users who are registered customers of the bank, the application also enables them to make transfers to their own or third party cards issued by Postbank by card number. The enriched functionalities enable users to create and save a list of trusted recipients, which will allow them to quickly and easily send transfers without additional confirmation.

The digital wallet provides customers with the ability to effectively control the cards registered in it, allowing them not only to block and unblock their cards whenever they choose, but also to change their limits, restrict the area of use of the card, and make various settings on the channels (POS, Internet, and ATM), allowing or restricting the use of their payment instruments.

The enriched version of the innovative application offers an additional option to make transfers to the digital card from a card issued by another institution in the country, and for maximum convenience—the card data can be saved for the next transfer. The ONE wallet builds on the user experience by adding the ability for “push” notifications to also inform users of their account transactions. The option for a custom arrangement of the cards available in the app is also updated.  Users have the option to use ONE wallet at all merchant locations in the country and abroad where a contactless POS terminal is available, and adding to the benefits of the app is the option to add loyalty cards without the need for the physical plastic to be present.

“The dynamic development of financial and technological innovations in the portfolio of products and services of Postbank is entirely focused on the consumer and their maximum convenience. With our innovative digital wallet, which we launched last year and the features of which we are constantly upgrading, we strive to meet the new needs of our customers to provide them with a truly quality experience. During this period, we have not only added new features to the mobile application, but we have also made it available to our customers and to users who have a card issued by another bank in the country and do not currently use our products and services, but prefer digital payment methods and greatly appreciate the benefits they receive with them. Our goal is to provide personalised solutions according to the expectations and needs of the users.” Postbank commented.

ONE wallet is available for smart phone users with Android 6+ and iOS 11+ operating systems; NFC functionality is also available and enabled. For devices with the Android operating system, contactless payments are made via the app installed on the device itself, and for the iOS operating system, payments are made via the Wallet (Apple Pay) functionality on the iPhone. The app is available for download on Google Play, the App Store, and now in the Huawei App Gallery.

Postbank offers modern banking products and services that add value to customers. They are part of its long-term strategy to develop digital solutions and innovative banking channels for the convenience of customers. More information about the ONE wallet by Postbank mobile wallet, all its functionalities, as well as the mobile device requirements for its installation, can be found at, at any branch of the bank in the country, or by calling the short number *7224.


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