PwC’s Academy invites you join the Innovation and Creative Thinking Workshop with Dr. Constantine “Dino” Kiritsis.

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The main objective of this workshop is to stimulate and make participants to think differently and learn the techniques required to think creatively towards innovating; it helps participants believe that they can challenge the status quo at their organization with ideas and add more value by doing things better.
This can be achieved by making participants understand and realize that innovation is a necessary requirement for competitive advantage, not an option. Creative thinking is a skill and there are techniques to use to develop this skill that will be delivered in this workshop.
Benefits of attending:

  • Get inspired to think differently
  • Learn techniques to think differently that could be applied daily
  • Understand how to generate ideas
  • Become able to understand how to overcome obstacles in your areas
  • Become supportive to innovation and “changes” in general with your teams
  • Understand how to screen ideas & implement them

When: 11-12.2.2020.
Join until 20 January 2020 on a special early bird price.
Find more information and the schedule here.

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