The prime minister raised the issue of Turkish provocations, Petsas says

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Government spokesman Stelios Petsas on Monday during a press briefing referred to Turkey’s successive offensive actions that challenge the sovereign rights of Greece and the Republic of Cyprus, but also of unhistorical decisions that offend the global culture, such as the conversion of Hagia Sophia into a mosque.

Petsas added that the prime minister raised the issues of Turkish provocations at the beginning of the summit and stressed that “we are ready and determined to do whatever is necessary to protect our sovereign rights.”

Regarding the European Council, Petsas stated that this is a critical summit and that the prime minister participated in the plenary session as well as many other meetings. “It was proved how valuable it is for the country to regain its credibility. This fact is being used by the prime minister,” he added, noting that the purpose is to contribute constructively to the successful conclusion of the meeting.

On the issue of coronavirus, Petsas said that the government is constantly monitoring developments and updating its decisions. “We are opening the gates of the country with security in mind,” he stressed, stressing that Greece is and will remain a safe country.

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