The Vice President of Bulgaria, Iliana Yotova, was the guest of honour at the Sofia Economic Forum

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The Vice President of Bulgaria, Iliana Yotova, was the guest of honor at a forum that brought together representatives from various institutions, Bulgarian and foreign businesses, and ambassadors. Despite the complex geopolitical situation and repeated national elections, the Vice President emphasized that the Bulgarian economy is developing positively with stability, predictability, and security. She believed that Bulgaria is of key importance to the European Union as both an external border and a factor in South-Eastern Europe.

The Vice President of Bulgaria also highlighted connectivity and convergence as crucial European policies, expressing gratitude to Greek partners for their collaborative efforts in recent months. She noted significant achievements in the diversification and development of the energy sector. Bulgaria now has access to seven liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminals in the Mediterranean Sea and has commissioned an interconnector with Greece. Additionally, the country has resumed the project for an oil pipeline between Alexandroupolis and Burgas. Yotova mentioned Bulgaria’s “Solidarity Ring” initiative, aimed at increasing the supply of natural gas to Europe from Azerbaijan.

Overall, the closing remarks emphasized Bulgaria’s progress in the energy sector and its role in regional energy dynamics.

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