Thessaloniki has great potential, new French Consul Mouchet says to ANA

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The city of Thessaloniki has a lot of potential, it is an important place in strategic and cultural terms, a border city with the Balkans with Turkey and the Mediterranean, stated the newly appointed Consul of France and head of the French Institute in Thessaloniki Sandrine Mouchet in an interview, the first after her arrival two months ago in Greece, to Athens-Macedonian News Agency on Sunday.

Mouchet characterised the bilateral relations very good adding that France is by Greece’s side. “You have the port which is growing and is a gateway to the Balkans, the airport which is also growing, the railways infrastructure and the plans for the metro… all those are some of the advantages in matters of innovation, technology parks and others” said the French Consul.

She also underlined that CMA-CGM’s investment in the port of Thessaloniki, in the context of a joint venture, “is important” because it paves the way for more transactions” pointing out that the prospect of France being the honoured country at the next Thessaloniki International Fair (TIF) urges us to continue in the same spirit, to draw up new plans and to benefit from this opportunity to strengthen the investments and the exchanges between France and Thessaloniki and with northern Greece in its entirety.

Despite the gloomy conditions created by the pandemic and the reversal it has brought in the people’s lives, the French Consul expressed the hope that Thessaloniki International Fair will be held next September and France, as honoured country, will be able to present a rich programme of actions. “We are happy that we will be the honoured country in TIF 2021 and obviously we will prepare but it is still soon to say more. We do not only want to present the French knowhow but also the way of life, the tradition, the field of innovation, the technology and all the other major fields”.

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