Varoufakis responds to Syriza’s call for a progressive alliance

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MeRA25 leader Yanis Varoufakis turned down an invitation issued by main opposition SYRIZA to progressive parties and groups to join in an alliance leading to future governance.

In an explanatory statement, Varoufakis said that MeRA25 goals would require a rejection of working within the framework of the Eurogroup. “Shared governance that rejects from the outset a clash with the troika (beyond superficial changes) could only promise the cancellation of building a police state. Is that enough?” he asked.

He also said that the main question of the times is whether there is any space for progressive policies to overturn the plunder of the many by an oligarchy, especially within the framework of the Eurogroup and concessions already made.

In a direct criticism of former ruling party Syriza, he asked it to respond to the question of “whether it truly believes that progressive citizens can join parties that on one hand claim they saved the country through loan memoranda, and on the other still refuse say ‘NO’ to the troika.”

“In the era of climate catastrophes, is it possible to join parties that set up Moria-like [migrant hotspots] and signed drilling and pipeline contracts with ExxonMobil, Total and Netanyahu?” he asked, referring to energy agreements Greece has signed with Israel

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