Balkan Services: A Vertical CRM Solution is Now Functioning at the German Chamber in Bulgaria

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A comprehensive CRM system has started functioning at the German-Bulgarian Chamber of Industry and Commerce (GBCIC) in Bulgaria. The organization has chosen Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online (Dynamics 365 for Customer Service) to manage its relationships with customers and partners and to optimize all of its activities. Project's main objective is to implement a unified system to serve all Chamber's operations and processes. Balkan Services is the GBCIC's partner and system integrator.
The implemented CRM system covers all employee activities at GBCIC and becomes the main system to use at the organization. Key factor to successful solution implementation is that it allows building of a multi-layered structure which includes different restrictions in defining access rights. Thus, maximum data security is achieved, as different user levels have different app access rights and the managing body gets access to all information.
"Through the system, we managed to create a unified database and avoid the situation where information existed in different systems as duplicated entries, including Excel files. With Balkan Services, we were able to build fully completed and functional effective marketing and service system and the company provided us with follow-up app support", said Tsanko Tsankov, DEInternational Director at the German-Bulgarian Chamber of Industry and Commerce.
Microsoft Dynamics Office—CRM Online was integrated with the GBCIC site, with MS Outlook, and with the existing Azure accounting system. This way, key processes at the organization get automated and daily employee tasks get optimized. So, through integration with the Chamber's site, when registering an event organized by the GBCIC, information is automatically saved to the CRM system. Thanks to integration with the accounting system, automated billing process is enabled. It includes automatic generation of separate orders and submitting them to the accounting system to issue invoices for the participants.
Integration with the CRM system used by the German Chamber in Germany, TYPO3, was also achieved, which allows for continuous automatic data update. Once entered into MS Dynamics CRM (Dynamics 365 for Customer Service), the information is updated and saved into the organization's system in Germany, as well. The app supports several languages as per the user types—Bulgarian, English and German. 

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