Analyze that! Lectures lead by professionals and users and short BI training all in one

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About Analyze that!
Far too often while managing their businesses, managers are forced to take the "best guess" when making a decision. And this is not how it is supposed to be—they should have the facts at their fingertips.

Welcome to the Business Intelligence conference on 20 October at Inter Expo Center. At the event, you will learn how an app can provide you with the most accurate data at any time, how to quickly and easily make analysis and forecast and how to create strategies based on actual data on your business and market trends. Guessing and uncertainty are things of the past—Analyze that!

About the conference:
– Presentations by professionals in BI system implementation
– Guest speaker will be Marius Stoica from Qlik, one of the three world's top BI vendors
– Actual users share their experience—presenters from Coca Cola Hellenic, Ficosota and Fantastico chain store
– Practical module for you to create your very own BI app!
– You get the opportunity to ask questions and see already developed apps at the industry you're interested in

Who is this conference suitable for?
– Senior and middle management
– CEOs
– Financial Directors, Sales Directors, Analysts
– Key company personnel

Hurry up and enjoy preferential price for early registration, please, sign up here.

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