Week of the Author’s Cuisine

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By tradition, the Come Prima restaurant is participating in the Week of the Author’s Cuisine, organised by the Bacchus magazine annually.  This year, the awarded and internationally recognised chef Carsten Rabe, has prepared an exquisite 5-course menu to take the guests of the restaurant on a one-of-a-kind culinary journey through the flavours of numerous seasonal local products. As a starting point, the guests will savour a delicious and light autumn apple salad with spicy walnuts, dates, rocca and Pecorino, followed by homemade spaghetti with green peas, bacon and Feta crumbles. Grape & gin sorbet is served as an intermezzo with an appetizing sous-vide prime veal tenderloin following as a main dish. The sweet end of the menu comes with a flavorsome pumpkin cheesecake as a dessert. And to make the journey even more exciting and smooth, a selection of perfectly matching beverages accompanies the gourmet masterpieces throughout the way. Do not miss out discovering this unparalleled dining experience yourself.

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