Globe One Digital Bulgaria Celebrates a Decade of Excellence – A Success Story as Part of Globe One “Digital 25 Years of Leadership”

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In 2014, Globe One Digital, the multi-awarded digital agency, strategically expanded its horizons to Sofia, Bulgaria, marking the inception of a transformative mission that has redefined the digital landscape in the country. This year, they proudly celebrate a decade of digital innovation and outstanding performance in the Bulgarian market. What began as an ambitious venture has swiftly transformed into a prestigious portfolio, backed by a formidable team of leading experts and professionals. Today, more than 30 renowned brands and clients trust their passion for innovation and commitment to excellence. This decade-long endeavor has solidified their determination to move forward and lead change, shaping a future defined by growth and digital transformation. The company is grateful to all clients and partners for collaborating with them on over 4.000 successful campaigns and choosing them as their trusted partner dedicated to transforming digital marketing in Bulgaria. 

Dimitris Papoutsis, Founder & CEO Globe One Digital, reflects on the milestone: “As we celebrate  a decade in Bulgaria, our commitment to innovation and excellence remains unwavering. Our strategic expansion has not only reshaped the digital landscape but has also positioned us as a trusted partner dedicated to driving digital success.”
Lina Boteva, Area Manager, Globe One Digital Bulgaria, adds: “The last 10 years have been transformative for us. From tailored services and innovative solutions to impactful partnerships and success stories, our journey has been marked by constant growth and client satisfaction.”Globe One Digital Bulgaria offers a range of services that mirrors the essence of strategic precision, offering tailored solutions that have been the catalysts behind their client’s digital transformation and growth. Finely crafted to meet the unique needs of businesses in Bulgaria, their services include:

·         Digital Transformation

·         Digital Strategy

·         Business Consultancy & Optimization

·         Performance Marketing & Online Sales Optimization

·         Web Development

·         UX & UI Design

·         Social Media & Content Strategy

·         SEO & Big Data Analysis

·         Digital Branding

·         Email Marketing

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The commitment goes beyond the conventional role of digital advertising agencies at Globe OneDigital Bulgaria. Fueled by a passion for high performance, they deliver expert services and crafttransformative digital solutions that redefine both their clients, present and future. Over 90% of the company’s clients are loyal, with a high level of satisfaction. Their forward-thinking approach anticipates and adapts to evolving needs and constant change, leading businesses toward a future defined by innovation and profitability.

Globe One Digital Bulgaria serves clients from various industries, such as tourism, online gaming, entertainment, finance, insurance, and e-commerce. Collaborations with industry leaders such as

Betano, Vivacom, Suzuki, TED, Husqvarna, Sofia Hotel Balkan, Apivita, Gardena, Mercedes-Benz, Dominos, Hellenic Business Council in Bulgaria, and others highlight their commitment todelivering remarkable results and building strong partnerships. Their 10-year success story is fueled by a dedicated team of seasoned professionals, passionate about crafting innovative strategies that drive tangible results.

On 24/01/24 they celebrated 10 Years of success in Bulgaria at the Sense Hotel Rooftop Bar, with a grand event for the remarkable milestone. The team is grateful for the presence of influential figures, friends &partners.

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Contact Information:

Globe One Digital 34 Positano Street

 Sofia, Bulgaria

T: + 359 87 87 84 709


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