Majority of Bulgarians approve of lifting of restrictive measures: Survey

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59.3% of respondents say they approve of the lifting of the restrictive measures as of 21 December, 21.8% are against, a Gallup International survey, conducted on 9 December indicates. 47.8% of the respondents say that masks, distancing and hygiene are enough to contain Covid-19.

When they were introduced the majority of people in the country supported tighter restrictive measures and lockdown, whereas now only 39.2% say they approve of them. Opinion is also divided on how effective distance learning is. 42.1% say they want students to go back to school, 41.7% are against.

41.3% of the respondents say they will get vaccinated, 46.7% say they do not intend to. 36.7% say they trust doctors amidst the pandemic, but 35.2% say they do not.

74.4% state they plan to see friends and family during the holidays, 18.2% say they will continue their isolation.

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